Ultramarathon Daily News, Tue, Oct 6

I’ve found my new sport: The Flyathlon.  Trail running, fly fishing, and beer drinking.

Remind me to never, ever, ever, ever go on a trail run in Thailand.

Guillaume’s latest video from the south of Spain above Malaga in the little village of El Chorro. I like the variety of terrain.

Releasing a new podcast today with a ton of great advice from a hundred mile expert. Stay tuned!

It’s amazing that this wasn’t allowed before, but now CA craft brewers can let consumers know where to purchase their product.

Timmy T gets more press from his alma mater.

Super fast at Chico State.
Super fast at Chico State.

This is Your Day film featuring Rob, Karl, and Caroline shown at ultrarunningcompany in Charlotte, NC for East Coast premiere.  Were you there? What did you think? I’m still anxious to see it!

Akyut from Turkey submits his detailed report from his second running at Spartathlon.  That really does look like an awesome event. Gotta do it one day!

How do $10 sports bras hold up? Find out here.

Some of our favorite trails have been rehabbed by REI.

Camille Herron, fresh off her 100k world champs win offers advice everyone can use: Don’t overthink things.

Data geeks, your Strava world just got a lot more fun.

The entire talk is fantastic, but if you’ve only got a few minutes, watch this TED talk by Dawn Wall climber Tommy Caldwell about overcoming problems, finding strength in the outdoors, and most of all, the importance of parenting.

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