Ultramarathon Daily News | Tue, Sep 1

Ryan Hall explains why he’s running his first ultramarathon next month.

Hope you got a chance to hear our latest interview with Vol State champ Francesca Muccini. Most of us have “gone to the well” before, but not many have kept up the pace amidst prolonged sleep deprivation and fatigue. What a performance!

Think about it for a second, when was the last time you got a little niggle on your calf and thought “I need to sleep more”? You likely didn’t. More likely, you applied some stretch, activation exercise, massage or balm directly to your calf, hoping praying that there would be some direct improvement stemming from your actions. Now, I’m not saying sleep is the cure to all of your injury woes. That would be just as big of a single factored error as any other. But I am saying that the causes of your calf niggle encompass more than something you can stretch, massage or ‘activate’ away.

CTS/Koop: New methods and strategies to treat running injuries.

What was Gary Robbins up to this weekend? He spent a day and a half running 27k’ of very over 100+ miles. What a beast.

With the EMU six day now restricted to residents of Hungary, Camille Herron is apparently eyeing Three Days at the Fair for her world record attempt. Looks like a pretty good lineup…fingers crossed it isn’t cancelled.

SCMP: What to do if your knees hurt when trail or ultra running.

Want to race Mike Wardian across the country? Hop on this virtual event to see if you can do it…and yes, you can split up the distance with friends.

Looking for something a bit different? Jump into the URP time machine and check out the interview with BDSM dominatrix and ultramarathon fiend Ms. Monday Jones.

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