Ultramarathon Daily News, Tue, Sep 1

Highlights from the Schlarb/Wolf Kiwi adventure.

Holy cow, it’s September???

This is what a 248 mile week looks like from a non elite athlete.

Michele Yates opens up about some health issues that are threatening to end her ultra career.

Three hard running workouts you can do before work.

I should’ve mentioned Caitlin Smith’s win at USATF 50k on Saturday.  Caitlin seems to pop up every once in a while and throw down an incredible performance…this was no exception.  Here’s our interview with her from a few years ago.

$45 seems a bit high, but this tool takes the top off a beer can, allowing you to enjoy it draft style.

Does puking at the end of a tough race or workout mean you did a good job? Uh, no.

Come on, how many ultramarathon slash professional mentalists do you know?  Oz Perlman is in the semi-finals on Americas Got Talent and needs votes tonight. NBC 8am tonight.

These pages have featured normal folks with intrepid dreams who cast themselves out on epic adventures. Sometimes it’s a run, and sometimes it’s quitting your job to travel the world.  Well, they doesn’t always end up as planned.

Five things I have learned about building mental fitness.  Pretty decent list for a non-running magazine.

I wish I were going to be up in Seattle for the Trail Running Film Festival in a few weeks.  Trail films, beer, music. Looks like a good time.

To thrive, young female athletes need to eat more.

Here’s an extensive recap of Olga’s trek around the Tahoe Rim Trail.  If you’re thinking about doing it, this would be a great place to start your studies.

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