Ultramarathon Daily News | Tue, Sep 14

Trailrunner: From the well, duh file: Science says hill repeats will make you a better runner.

Thirty eight year old full time school teacher finishes 28th at Olympics and is sobbing with gratitude and joy. Dutch translation worked for the first half of the video…any help with the second half? I’m curious what she was saying. (See comments.)

iRunFar/Uhan: The Ten Commandments of healthy running.

Squaw Valley is now “Palisades Tahoe.” I like the name, actually, but am skeptical it’ll catch on. Kinda like when they rename a freeway after a fallen officer, Senator, veteran, etc…it’s a nice gesture, but will people use it? I dunno.

Trevor Fuchs opens up about the expectations and realities of being a professional athlete and how he’s balancing fatherhood. Great stuff.

We’re used to “-ish miles” in ultras, but the marathon world takes measurements a bit more seriously. How does this stuff keep happening???

Lize Brittin gets a few things off her chest: The Houlihan hush, lame social media moves by running journalists, disordered eating discussions, and more.

If ever anyone calls our sport silly, just point them in the direction of Combat Juggling.

Still cool with transwomen competing against natural women? This is madness.

The eight best non-alcoholic beers.  I interviewed Athletic Brewing’s head brewer yesterday (Jim is also an elite ultrarunner) and will release it this week.

Turia Pitt’s wildfire-during-an-ultra accident was ten years ago. Here she opens up a bit about the last decade. 

ultrarunning/Reese: Cory Reese writes about the loss of his friend and Race Director Matt Gunn. Excellent piece about compassion (Cory doesn’t mention the unfortunate intimacy he has with loved ones taking their lives) and how to show appreciation and gratitude. I met Matt a few times and ran two of his races…what an incredibly cool guy who gave his all to the MUT world. He’s missed.


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