Ultramarathon Daily News | Tue, Sep 19 | Money, Body Image & Drunk Vegetarians

Important: Beating the urge to quit during an ultramarathon.

So did everyone see Speedgoat Karl‘s announcement about Run Rabbit Run’s prize purse for next year? $10k entry, with the total purse will be $165k. Teams consist of one female and one male. What duo would you put money on? (Tim and Magda? Jim and Kaci? Who ya got?) I love the idea, but have a hard time believing 10 teams will cough up $10k each to enter.

Ft Worth runners: Be careful. Naked hairless weirdo on bike attacking women.

I may be new to working out at the gym, but I have yet to get my penis stuck in a free weight.

2:44 marathon in a 3 piece suit. Daaaaamn. Come on Ian or Mike, we’re counting on you to bring this record back stateside.

Since she brought it up, let’s discuss it: Does she look better after running/cardio or lifting weights?

Or if you’re this Japanese fella, use this routine to improve his image and get a lady friend: 

If you have the time to talk, then go do some running, grab a dumbbell, and buy some hair wax and perfume. Then burn all the humiliation you’ve endured, all the scorn and abuse! Then hate, plot revenge, and rebel! Progress and burn! Progress and burn!!”

Mario’s Morning Shakeout: I’ll trust his advice on who to watch in Berlin.

And definitely read this: Kipchoge’s weekly workouts as he prepares for Berlin.

Stay tuned for an interview later this morning with serial runner Sean Nakamura. He won Tahoe 200, then a week later ran Mogollan Monster 100, and that’s just part of the crazy.

Generally when a road race is cancelled due to weather, I roll my eyes and make a snarky comment about what wimps they are. The Copenhagen Marathon had timing mats floating away and runners in ankle deep water…they’re forgiven.

Beat had a pretty incredible streak of finishes at one of the toughest ultramarathons in the world (TDG). He took a DNF this year after struggling with tendonitis.

More on the history of swimruns. Goal for 2017: Compete in two events, one domestic, one international. I swam for a half hour yesterday, and damn, I’ve got a long way to go!

Awesome report from Bob Shebests run at Run Rabbit Run.

Interesting interview about Under Armour’s role in the tech/social side of health and fitness.

Old news but still funny: One third of British vegetarians admit to eating meat when drunk.


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