Ultramarathon Daily News, Tue, Sep 22

Full update on Dave Mackey’s accident and status.  Here’s our interview from after the accident.

Today’s funny: An app for the most important part of your workout: How much time you spend bragging about it. h/t Jenny.

Guillaume submits a short video of some killer trail running on the Isle of Skye in Scotland. Wow…I need to go there.

This tri-guy is the only guy in the top ten who less than five years ago tried to buy a bunch of cocaine on a credit card and hang himself. Wow, what a comeback!

The ten healthiest beers, ranked.  I suppose they’re healthy because I wouldn’t drink most of them, right?

Lauren goes under the knife to solve a running injury once and for all…and doesn’t regret it one single bit. Seems like a similar surgery that Sandi Nypaver traveled to Sweden for.

Speaking of Scandinavia, this 17yo Finnish girl ran her first marathon (in 2:33!), qualified for the Olympics, but is too young to compete.

URP Update: Sorry for the lack of podcasts. I hope to record two this week, then again next week. Our house is under construction, and recording conditions are not exactly ideal.

Fruits and veggies aren’t just good for your body…they help your mind too.  Yeah, but so does napping.

This weekend is The North Face Utah. Who’s running?

A couple years after hearing Foote’s interview on URP, Kurt took on his first hundred. Here’s his story.  Nice job!

Cool: A treadmill that’s powered (and charges your devices) by running. Not cool: It’s eight thousand damn dollars.

Everything you need to know about the Paula Radcliffe PED controversy.

With such a meteoric rise, Rob and Christina’s lives have changed over the last few years. Here’s how they balance life and running.

Brandon’s still trying to figure out a respiratory issue after his recent DNF at RRR100.

Yes, you can talk yourself through your next ultramarathon.

Here are a few stories about competitors in the grueling La Ultra in India who show that the journey is more important than the destination.

Junior Men’s Mountain Running Team ends medal drought in Wales. Nice work! And I can not wait to see Allie Ostrander progress in the sport.  Are ultras in her future? If so, she’ll be a force to contend with.

Happy Birthday Ian Torrence! Here’s our interview with from a few years ago, and here it is transcripted.

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