Ultramarathon Daily News | Tue, Sep 24

UTWT: Chase Parnell digs into the Ultra Trail World Tour (UTWT) rankings to see where each country fits in a cross country style scoring comparison. Dang, US women are on fire!

Running Magazine Canada: Ooh, interesting topic: The convergence of Strava segments and FKTs.

TrailRunner/Roche: Trail running is also a bunch of walking. Embrace it, practice it, own it.

Forbes: Lessons in entrepreneurship and ultramarathon running.

GearJunkie: New House bill aims to simplify permit process for public lands access. This is great news for us!

RW: Putting a life size fake lion in the bushes at a trail run in South Africa…I can only hope they had toilet paper at the next aid station.

“There is nothing like a trail run, especially because I have the Pacific Crest Trail right here, with the mountains in the background,” she says. “When I heard about ultras, I knew I had to do it.”

–Sick from chemo and radiation, Karen started running to feel better and she hasn’t stopped.

CTS/Koop: Takeaways from a coaching conference. The emphasis on different approaches between the genders makes all the sense in the world and it’ll be fascinating to see how performances are affected in the years ahead.
And personally, I respect coaches who have specific education in physiology and sports science, but if I were hiring a coach I’d be more inclined to hire someone with the best track record and personality fit. To be clear, Koop is solid in those areas, but there are plenty of runners who are only looking for motivation, accountability, and positivity and all the degrees in the world would be of no consequence. Really depends on what you’re looking for, right?

SCMP/Agnew: Which trail runners would make the best rugby players? I’m admittedly wildly ignorant when it comes to the latter sport, but this article educated me on the positions and strategy. This hypothetical dream team includes Clare, Xavier, Stephanie, Kilian, Jim, and more.

Utahans, panic! With the abv% law change taking effect this year, there’ll be a transition period where there could be beer shortages throughout the state. Newsflash: There have always been beer shortages in Utah.

I’ve never been much of a sneaker head, but have always had a fascination with xc spikes. They’re the pared-down-mid-engine-sportscar-with-manual-steering compared to the 4WD SUV HOKAs so many of us are used to and they’re a blast to run in. Lace up a pair and you just feel fast. Here’s a review of the best spikes for the season.

Endurance Sportswire: A bit more on the awesomeness that is Judith Wyder. She’s dominating technical races right now, she’s running smart, and heck, she’s got two kids at home! I didn’t realize she’s also one of the best orienteering racers in the world.

Speaking of orienteering, here’s a great writeup of the sport that includes my buddy (and Barkley competitor) Sean Raney and Guillaume Calmettes. Now I have a better understanding of what a Rogaine is and I want to try one! Race site here.

Observer: The US government has funded the NIH and directed it to “look into” the health effects of CBD and cannabinoids. There are myriad claims out there…now we’ll get some science to back them up or debunk them.

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