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TrailRunner/Metzler: Ten trail running and ultramarathon highlights from this crazy summer. Great list but this gives me anxiety about trying to figure out UROYs and POTYs!

Seattle Times: Her attempt at setting the record for the women’s FKT of the Washington portion of the PCT was going well until she ran out of freakin’ cheese.

Health: Whole Foods CEO suggests that people have any agency with regards to their health and weight and people freak out.

We had Travis Macy on the show five years ago and I recall him talking about how he was inspired by his dad, an accomplished adventurer and endurance athlete. In this interview with Henry Howard, Travis talks about the latest chapter with his dad, and that’s one dealing with Alzheimer’s disease.

Koop: The state and future of anti-doping in ultrarunning.
Haven’t had the chance to dig through this yet but hope it addressed TUE abuses.
Hot takes:
1) Jason lightly addressed it at the bottom, but I think this article would’ve been better on a personal blog rather than one affiliated in any way with Chris Carmichael.
2) Do we all play by the same rules or don’t we? Seems like a fundamental question that needs to be addressed and the current TUE program leaves far too much ambiguity.
3) Agree with Jason completely that teams and sponsors need to take responsibility for their athletes. If the athletes cheats, it should hurt.
4) With testing, I’m no expert and have no idea how to catch cheaters at the right time…in competition, out of competition, etc. Seems really murky with no real solutions.
5) We need a “governing body” (note the huge quotes) of some sort to help hash out these issues. Not USATF, not WA, and not a bunch of out-of-touch oldsters, but a grassroots organization of officials to help steer this boat.

Podium Runner: Four ways climate change affects you as a runner.

Ultramarathon runner and black belt in Karate falls off a trampoline and is now paralyzed. Her outlook on her future is realistic and inspiring.

Treeline Journal: Chase analyses Camille Herron’s upcoming attempt at the 48hr world record. Prepare to raise your eyebrows when you read who’s 48 hour WR she’s aiming for.

Fly that thing safely. There’s a lot of talent aboard!

Fascinating post about the history of fell running shoes from…Reebok?

Japan Running News: Yeah this isn’t going to end well. Japanese runners take the Yosenkai Ekiden very seriously and “blaming” one person for a Covid-related DQ will be disastrous.
Of course there’s room for a discussion about how much pressure is put on these athletes and the appropriateness of placing such outsized importance on these events, but I don’t see that changing.

When hard-earned Strava art, beer, and great PR all collide, it’s a beautiful thing.

iRunFar: AJW runs his first hundred miler in three years. Damn, that sounds like a challenge, Andy!

I complain about Nike a lot, but this is pretty cool: Maternity mannequins sporting running gear.

SCMP: Chinese ultramarathon runner circumnavigates Hong Kong on a paddleboard made of recycled bottles.

Come on, Belarus, get it together.

ultrarunning/Sharman: How to use a weight vest to improve your power hiking. I know Ian uses one and I’ve seen Mike Wardian sporting a vest. Anyone else? (For the record, I’m slowly losing my…shall we call it…natural weight vest.)

Speaking of hiking, Runner’s World has some advice on why it’s so important for runners.

You’ve read and heard me holding out hope that CIM would happen this year, but organizers cancelled it last week. The lesson: Runners can’t have a road race, but protests and riots in the street? Yeah, those are cool.

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