Ultramarathon Daily News, Tue, Sep 29

I always get a kick out of his reports. Not afraid to pull punches or censor himself in any way, they’re a window into ultramarathons of yesteryear.

Thorough interview with Tim Tollefson. I’ll be putting some good money on him this year, but if he’s running CIM, he’s either not running TNF Championships or pulling a Wardian and doing both in the same weekend.

New GoPro comes in at $200. Might get me one, but don’t worry, there won’t be any shaky POV ultras coming your way.

Speaking of cameras, every Tuesday, Guillaume is posting a new video from an awesome international trail. This time he sends one from the freakin Dolomites. Wow!

Good news from USATF: They’re planning on increasing money spent on athletes, and Siegel is reviewing the “uniform code” that caused the issues last month.  That $24 million will be distributed across all USATF athtletes…it’s also half of what Ben Roethlisberger earns in a year. Update: Bad news: MUT runners not included in the increase.

Everest just instituted some pretty serious qualifiers.

Midpack report from a tough trail race in Eastern Quebec. Key takeaway: When reading a race description in a foreign language, have a native speaker help you.

Here’s a preview video of some of the films that’ll be shown at the Trail Running Film Fest.

The inside battle between Adidas and Nike.

And if you’re really into shoe talk, here’s a full podcast on shoe innovation.

I’ve wondered what Eric Grossman was up to. Here’s an update.

Awesome! Average (though experienced) trail runner decides to try for the unsupported Wonderland Trail FKT, currently held by Yassine Diboun and Brian Donnelly.  And he did pretty darn well!

…and here’s TheGingerRunner’s latest film about the same trail (Link updated). Nice work Ethan!

Some people shrug off DNFs, while other take ’em hard. Mike Aish took his hard.

Speaking of DNFs, word around town is that Ben DNF’d the Death Cab show in Reno last night. Any idea what happened?

Science: We’re running wrong. Again.

This elementary school in Scotland has all the students run or walk a mile each day. Results? Better grades, better behavior, no obesity.  Why can’t schools here find 15 minutes to do the same?

The LetsRun crowd discusses who’s a better mountain runner: Matt Carpenter or Joe Gray?

What other ultramarathon and/or trail news did I miss?

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