Ultramarathon Daily News | Tue, Sep 8

Canadian Runner Mag: Ryan Hall finishes his first ultramarathon and calls it super, super, super hard. Hope to see him on the trails again soon!

Magness: The myth of losing speed.

Surly Brewery (I loved their stuff!) employees vote to form a union, and in response, the company shut down the beer hall. Now the employees and fans are picketing. (Pssst, actions have consequences.)

More beer news: I’ll admit, this headline made me barf a bit, but I love(d) me a good Shandy and now it makes sense. Will the brewmasters be wearing the cool/sexy/funny outfits though?

GuardianUK: Excellent article on Kilian. His training, passions, and new life as a social media influencer. Hard to find others pro athletes as dominant in their respective fields as KJ.

Trailrunner Mag: Navigating the confusing world of protein powders with the help of a dietician. Great info in an easy-to-understand format.

Listened to the new Joe Rogan interview with Mike Tyson interview yesterday. Turns out the dude loves running trails! He’s certainly got his faults (and crazy theories, whoa), but it’s cool to see someone from such a different sporting background sharing our passion.

Tuesday funny: Eulogy glosses over runner’s pathetic PRs.

“During the swim it was excruciating, it felt like 1,000 knives stabbing at my body with each stroke. I had to keep reminding myself of the goal and make a decision to keep going,” the 39-year-old said.

Ultramarathon runners are hardly in a position to question someone’s motives for adventure, but swimming in a lake at 18k’ does seem rather foolhardy doesn’t it?

Heat is real and dangerous folks. One death here. Another here.

iRunFar/AJW: Sign of the times I suppose. Squaw Valley is deemed offensive and the preferred term is now “See You at States.”
Still pretty offensive, as the new term uses the Latin alphabet and doesn’t recognize people from other cultures who don’t speak English.
Really though: I thought us trail runners were better at spotting slippery slopes than that. Guess not.

Treeline Journal: Excellent analysis and commentary on the world of FKTs. Why are they so hot right now (Covid fad?), who’d doing them, who do they resonate with, and are they for you? (Link fixed. Sorry!)

Speaking of FKTs, looks like there’s a new unsupported one on the 500 mile Colorado Trail, courtesy of Jeff Garmire.

Cringey: A couple of non runners open up the VaporFly to find out what’s inside.

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