Ultramarathon Daily News, Tue, Sep 8

Here’s a great post by Jill about going into UTMB still sick and undertrained and fighting for every cutoff. Wonderful pics, too.

And here’s David Laney’s report from his incredible race there.  He was on Ginger Runner Live last night and you can see the recording here.

Ellie’s struggled with some injuries this year, but it still focused, smiling (of course!), and working towards the future. Here’s an update.

Could you spare one minute and take a quick survey? I’m trying to learn more about the URP audience as the site grows and have a quick ten questions. Consider it your very own fartlek round. (SURVEY CLOSED – HIT THE MAX. THANKS FOR FEEDBACK!)

Magness does a great job explaining why we need to often step back and away from the new running and coaching trends and look in the other direction.  Also made me think of one of my favorite books by my favorite author.

I don’t know who’s running Vibram, but if I owned stock I wouldn’t be very optimistic about their newest product line.

These pics really show what a technical course The Rut is. Wow!

Full ultramarathon results and more in Justin’s weekly wrap up.

Could Nenow have been faster with a GPS or with leg panties?  Importantly, are there many elites today who have his raw drive and training regimen? I know a few.

Another triathlete cuts the course, gets DQed, and 86’ed from all future Ironman events.  We read about course cutters in marathons and tris, but rarely in ultras. Why not?  Sure, point to point would be tough to cut, but loops would be easy, right? Kilian had his issues with switchbacks, but that was minor. Thoughts?

Are you interested in timed races? Meghan ran a 12hr in a different format (report) and did a great job.  #HashtagMadness!

This guy says that if you like Rogue’s Voodoo Donut beers, then you’ll like the new Pop Tart beer from 21st Amendment.  I hated the Voodoo Donut stuff, so this is kinda like the “enemy of my enemy is my friend” adage?

Speaking of beer, here’s a new stealth beer koozie I found on Kickstarter.

Is the Manitou Incline clogged with tourists and hikers, or are you able to “run” it on a normal day?

I’ve been asked a lot about what type of gear I use to record. Here’s a rundown of my podcast kit.

Do you look forward to running with liars? I do. It’s always an adventure.

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