Ultramarathon Daily News | Tue, Sept 12

Watch this: Ethan Newberry’s latest video on inspiring and interesting people in the trail running and ultramarathon community.  First up, Yassine Diboun.

Good stuff: Seven stride cues to increase your trail and ultra running efficiency.

So this is interesting. A year ago, we interviewed Chuck Radford, a guy who lost his vision halfway through Run Rabbit Run, was advised to DNF at mile 70,  but persevered to the finish. If you have’t listened to the episode, it’s a good one. This past weekend, Chuck won the Tortoise division at RRR100.  The winner of the female Hare division was Courtney Dauwalter, who also lost her vision in the final few miles of the race. We’ll (Sarah’s back!) be interviewing her on Thursday to hear more about her wild experience.

The raw sounds of UTMB. I love this stuff.

So is there some ultrarunners singles group out there too?

How to build your own DIY ultrarunning training camp.

Top ten beginner hiker blunders. What would the beginner MUT list look like? 

  • Using your smartphone for navigation when service is questionable and/or you don’t have a backup battery.
  • Packing for a 4 day fastpack when you’re running 10 miles with friends.
  • Running in the wilderness alone with headphones. (Keep one ear open, eh!)
  • Not having your beer properly insulated upon return to your car.
  • What else am I missing?

Short news day. 

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