Ultramarathon Daily News, Tue, Sept 6

Ultramarathon Daily News

Could you identify the six stages of a runner’s life, from beginner to ultramarathon trail vet?

How much craft beer can Indiana take?  Be sure to check out the refutation to the “craft beer bubble” too.

Some cyclist’s dad is a total a-hole.

Updated stats from Ultrarunning Magazine (link fixed) break down the gender starts, finishes, and info for ultramarathon events.

I spent Saturday at my 7yo daughter’s first XC meet. First meet I’ve been to since the CA State Meet in 1993, and I sure missed the excitement.  Seventy five teams from 7yo to large HS teams running, racing, and giving it their all.  Here’s Sunny:

That’s Sunny (blonde) pushing towards the finish.


Speaking of XC, if you haven’t seen this awesome video from Texas, you’ve got to check it out.

Escape to some trails above Mont Joly, up and above Megève in the French Alps.

Justin/IRF’s Weekend in Running.  

The popular Waldo 100k in Oregon will officially be a Rainshadow Racing event next year.  Good people–>Good people.

Five really interesting (and sometimes depressing) beer stats from 2016.

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