Ultramarathon Daily News | Tues, Aug 11

SCMP/Agnew: Mark talks with ITRA Prez Bob Crowley about the future of trail and ultramarathon running in the age of Covid.

Dammit, RunRabbitRun 100 was cancelled last night.

TrailRunner Mag: If hiking is part of your racing regiment (which it is), learn how to do it effectively, courtesy of Grayson Murphy.

Didya hear our new episode with Pam Reed? What an incredible person! Stay late for gear reviews with Ben (the closest thing to a Green Silence trail shoe?!?) and stay later for my comments on the current state and future of URP.

…during that commentary, I spoke about the toxicity of some on social media. Not all though! I’ve been seeing a lot of Carol Seppilu (URP interview) and her recent 100 miler in Alaska. Looks like there might be (at least one?) film being made about her.

Treeline Journal: Chase breaks down Sabrina Stanley’s new Nolan’s FKT.

Sorry, I’m not following the latest changes in the shoe stack controversy.

Skurka: Men and women have different biologies and dietary needs. In this post, Teresa Hagerty writes about how the latter can fuel for adventures in the outdoors.

Flaming Hot Cheeto beer? WTF? Drink too much and you’ll have the worse experience of your life.

Please do not take dietary advice from the side of a water bottle.

USATF partners with a candy company to help get kids in shape and active. Good idea or disaster?

Trail Sisters: New Zealand sure sounds like a nice place to visit right now, doesn’t it? Well, what’s it like to move there (as a runner) and try to stay in shape and sane?

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