Ultramarathon Daily News | Tues, Aug 27

Koop/CTS: Playing the long game in ultramarathons.

If motodoping is a word for cyclists using external technology, what’s the word for runners who use exoskeletons? Neat article on new tech that’s sure to be exploited.

TrailSisters: Apple pie recipes, gossip, and sports for girls. How and why to have your toenails removed surgically.

This guy is going to run the 500 mile Haute Randonnée Pyrénéenne route over the Pyrenees and scientists will be there to study how it affects his body. I’ll start: F’ed up toenails. Weird rashes, rub marks, and blisters. Gaunt face. Nasty smell.

There’s a bill heading to CA Governor Newsom’s desk that would require any event that uses a public lands permit to offer prize parity for genders.

“When things get hard, and when it gets cold and when your body hurts you can come up with an awful lot of reasons to quit in the middle of a race. If you get that muscle between your ears strong enough you can do just about anything.”

Four years ago, Dan was paralyzed with a rare nerve disease. Last weekend, he finished Squamish 50/50.

Looking for a new podcast that delves into the diet and nutrition side of endurance sports? Here’s Claire’s latest episode with Travis Macy.

Outside: Why older runners excel in ultramarathons.

I hope David Byrne’s new “positive” news magazine will pair nicely with the URP Daily News each morning.

“Kiss Your Ass Goodbye” and “Honiton Hippo.” Hot Sauce or Trail Race? Other fun names in the article.

iRunFar/Laney: Dave writes about the values of adventuring and implores us to get out the door and do something. Good piece.

Kevin Beck: Kevin writes about his distaste for running magazine and picks apart a recent RW article about the Mile High Mile in Colorado. He can be coarse, but I like his perspective.

Marathon Investigations: Best to ignore most peoples’ times from the Mexico City Marathon.

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