Ultramarathon and Trail Running Daily News | Tues, July 10

Excellent advice from David Roche for anyone getting ready for a race–whether it’s your first trail ultramarathon or otherwise: Don’t overthink things and stress out…just relax and trust yourself.

More from Hutch in Outside: Don’t go into your race mentally fatigued.

Speaking of overthinking, someone overthought this shoe. Then got wasted and thought some more.

I never knew what I wanted to do! I left high school clueless albeit knowing that I loved the food technology classes because I got to eat, the PE classes because I got to move and outdoor education classes because we got to go into the wilderness. Being a full-time trail runner combines all these things and I feel so grateful to have found and harvested this passion. 

–Want to know more about Kiwi Aussie phenom Lucy Bartholomew? Gabi interviews Lucy right this way.

Mario’s Morning Shakeout is chock full of goodness this morning. I especially like his emphasis on road runners trying out the mountains (and getting their butts kicked) and MUT runners dropping down to flat and fast road races.

…or if mountain runners don’t want shorter distances, go for fast and flat 50 milers like this. (Note: Both male and female fastest 50M times of 2017 were run at that race.)

The Last Annual Vol State 500k is starting this week. Runners run with crews or without (“screwed”) on their pilgrimage across the entire state of Tennessee. One of my favorite interviews is Alan Abbs’ telling of his win from a few years ago.

Differentiating between injuries and dysfunctions will determine whether you stay healthy the trail or not.  More from Joe Uhan right over here.

Fascinating, and something I hope coaches (Mario, Koop, Roche?) would dive into a bit more: Non-scientific ways that coaches get into the heads of their athletes.

I don’t know if I’m more excited about Bronco Billy getting into Hardrock, or the insane US mens roster for UTMB. (Walmsley, Hawkes, Freriks, Zach M, Tollefson, Nichols, Andrew Miller, Marc Hammond, Tim Olson…courtesy of DBo.) HOLY COW.

Whether pro athletes are winning $2M in a tennis tournament of $10k for a marathon win, they’ve got to plan for retirement. Free shoes and boxes of gels don’t pay mortgages, tuition, or hospital bills. Here’s how some are doing it.

ultramarathon print

I’ve got a new print hanging on my wall, courtesy of Semi-Rad.

Koop points out a Serena Williams interview with some salient lessons for us runner folks.

Quick interview with Barefoot Ted McDonald.

While Kilian was doing his thang in the Lakes District, Emelie was setting a new FKT on the 450k Kungslededn Trail in Sweden.

Meanwhile, Catra was setting a new FKT on the 310 mile “Muir Ramble” route in California. Looks like a great route!

Cory Reese’s Western States video. Plenty of silly 80s references and an epic bonk.

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