Ultramarathon Daily News | Tues, June 23

Boom! After a rough patch, Coree Woltering sets the new FKT for the 1200 mile Ice Age Trail in just under 22 days, beating Annie Weiss‘ previous record by a mere five hours. (Her URP interview here.)

A “super effort” can be described as a “hands-on-knees at the end of the workout.” Such an effort is best achieved collectively with compatible training partners or on your own with the support of a coach or crew. More on those here.

Justin highlights Anna Frost for the latest edition of “Catching Up” on iRunFar. Not mentioned in the post was that has Anna wrote a kids book that introduces girls to trail running and it’s excellent. Got a young girl? Check it out! My daughter read it and when Anna stayed at our house on a whim a few months later, Sunny’s head just about exploded.

Sunny got derpy when her fictitious book hero showed up at our doorstep.

Skurka/Alexandra Lev: Outdoor workouts and mountain training specifically for women. Why? Because men and women have drastically different bodies, fitness requirements, and abilities.

As Chase hits ten months with no alcohol, he struggles with the prospect of how moderating his consumption could end up really bad or maybe really good. For what it’s worth, aside from a few sips of friends’ homebrews, I made the conscious decision to enjoy some drinks on our holiday to Spain and Portugal last year. Yes, it was nice to taste wine, port, and beer again (never did anything more than that) after two years, but every time I poured a drink, I was hyper-conscious of how I was acting and whether I’d have another drink. Kinda ruined the “relaxation” aspect of booze for me. Much easier and more enjoyable to just go without.

Quick and fun chat with OG runner Frank Shorter.

Hamburg will be hosting its marathon in September with 10k runners and a few new rules. More info on LetsRun.

Short news day. What’d I miss?

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