Ultramarathon Daily News | Tues, Oct 8

Trailrunner/Roche: Great piece by David Roche about Imposter Syndrome. Whether it’s an elite feeling that they just got lucky in a race or a media guy feeling like a poseur because he’s only finished one damn ultra this year (argh!) and has no right to write about the sport, this really hits home.

What brand of shoes did most sub-24 runners wear at Western States? How about watches or packs? How many elites used pacers vs overall finishers? How many used coaches? Those stats and others all available in the annual Western States Endurance Run Athlete Survey Results.

What are the similarities between running UTMB and doing a big business deal? A lot, it turns out.

You heard our interview with author Jared Beasley where we discussed the spine-straightening feats of Al Howie. His book In Search of Al Howie comes out today and can be found on Amazon right here. (Affiliate link…I’ll get a few pesos with each purchase.)

Cool: Brewers using residual alcohol from NA beers to make biofuel. I will now look down on all of you regular beer drinkers and judge you harshly for your actions and apathy towards environmental causes.

IRF/Uhan: Doping and the brain. Good post about how once doped, the physical and psychological benefits remain.
I’d argue that we could replace “doped athlete” with “male to female transgendered athlete” and the same outcome holds true. The biological advantages don’t just disappear, the procedural memory doesn’t vanish…right?

NEW EPISODE: It’s a strange predicament to love an activity like trail running, then lose your momentum/mojo/motivation, then have to find a way to love it again, right? In this interview, Trail Sister Jessica and I talk about how and where she lost her mojo, and what specific steps she took to get it all back.

Treeline Journal: I’ve seen his name at the top of results lists and seen pictures, but never really knew anything about Spain’s Pau Capell. In this post, Chase Parnell fills in all the blank spots.

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GearJunkie: Three new FKTs set recently on Superior Hiking Trail (unsupported), Long Trail (unsupported), and Colorado Trail (supported, variation.) More on the FKT site.

Oregon Live: While pursuing AlSal, ant-doping agencies kept running up against the Nike wall. I’m not sure who they’re using for crisis PR, but they’re not doing the swoosh any favors.

Walt has earned a few dozen buckles this year alone and somehow found time to write a guidebook about their design, construction, etc.

Mario Fraioli: Disappointed at the state of track and field, but looking forward to a sub2 attempt.

ChicagoTribune: I’m not a religious person, but I’ll be cheering for this running nun at the Chicago Marathon.

Most of the lead mens pack in the Portland Marathon went waaaay off course.

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