Ultramarathon Daily News | Tues, Sep 17

SCMP: The importance of trail ultramarathon reconnaissance. I dunno, I generally like the “surprise” factor when I enter a race. Same reason I generally don’t do the same race twice. You?

Sure, I could have been super pretentious and said, “Well, I’ll want the chicken soup at mile 30 and then the vegetable bouillon at mile 60, and then if it’s cold, just make sure it’s extra hot.” Thankfully, I’m smart enough to know none of that makes a difference. I put the simplest amount of effort possible into the plan, therefore saving every last shred to put toward the physical effort out on the trails.

Koop/CTS: The good, the bad, and the ugly from Tor des Geants.

Are you part of a running club? Consider following the Berkshire Ultra Running Community for Service (BURCS) and host a shoe/gear collection for Stephanie Case‘s nonprofit Free to Run.

DailyStar: Ever watched those parkour/freerunning videos and thought “why don’t these guys ever fall and die?” Well…

Review: Sarah checks out the NATHAN VaporHowe 2.0 and likes what she finds…with a few points of constructive criticism.

Adventure Blog: To finance a solo trek to the South Pole, this Scottish adventurer is auctioning off the chance to tattoo her butt.

Mario’s Morning Shakeout: His paragraph about Justin Grunewald’s run at North Face made me smile. (Justin won the men’s race.)

IRF/Corrine Malcom: Topics that’ll spark a four conversation among runners: What’s the best way to strength train?

CraftBeer: Why breweries are making non-alcoholic craft beer. I just got a box of Cucmber Gose from Athletic Brewing Company, and if you’re into unique styles, you’ve got to try it. You won’t believe it’s NA.

Sarah Lavender Smith: Sarah’s putting her (personal) money where her mouth is and matching funds for a cause she believes in.

GearJunkie: Akuna Robinson becomes the first black man to hike the Triple Crown.

RunSpirited: Henry interviews the SD100 and Wasatch 100 champion Teresa Kaiser. How’d she start running, and how does she balance being a veterinarian with training and racing?

Leadville 100: As much as I like “sizzle reels” and shots from drones, up close and personal videos like this do a great job of showing the midpack and the experience that most of us participate in. Nice work, Eric!

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