Ultramarathon Daily News | Tuesday, April 10

When booze, Canada, and ultramarathon races collide: Dude who lost his toes in the Arctic ultra donates them to bar so crazy Canadians can drink them. More on the Sourtoe cocktail right this way.

Bryon/iRF’s Lake Sonoma preview. What happened to all the ladies? That DNS list is crazy!

Bummed that Kelly Wolf won’t be starting. Here’s an interview with her in the new Dure Magazine and here’s our interview with her from December.

More on the Kenyafornia project from Adharanand Finn: 

Those following the story may be wondering what’s happening with the Kenyan ultra runners who were due to appear at the Lake Sonoma 50 in California this week. Unfortunately we’ve had a few problems; Francis picked up a foot injury and Risper was offered an elite place at the Rome marathon, which she decided to take. But we’re not giving up. We’re working on another 50-mile race later in the year. Everyone who pledged support will be contacted individually, but we hope people will agree to roll the funding over to the next race, probably in California in November. Thank you for your interest and patience.

More on Dylan Bowman’s North Coast adventure. They’re not overstating the tidal fears…if you’re not very careful and aware, you’ll be stranded or swept away with no help.

Ad: Whether you’re new to the sport or a veteran, the North Face Endurance events are held on great trails with superb organization. Use URP20 in checkout for 20% off the Mass and Wisconsin events. 

Ever wondered about the life of Uber-reviewer DC Rainmaker? Outside has a neat expose on him right here. Unfortunately, the author was struck and killed earlier this year.

No ultramarathon content whatsoever, but these guys have been playing tag for 23 years.

Even less ultramarathon content: Everything you ever needed to know about dog farts.

Ian Corless‘ rundown and pics of Day 2 from Marathon des Sables.

Backcountry: How safe is your bear canister, and how safe are you when using one? 

Mario’s Morning Shakeout…I agree, Boston will be fun to watch, but London will have the fireworks.

One month away: the Rendezvous music and outdoor festival near Seattle. This looks incredible! Anyone going?

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