Ultramarathon Daily News | Tuesday, April 24

Three excellent ultramarathon tips from David Roche and rising star Ellen Kenney.

Eric Senseman writes about getting his Golden Ticket to Western States Endurance Run.

Speaking of Western, current record holder Timothy Olson announced yesterday that his contract with The North Face is up and he’s getting ready for his next chapter. I thought most athlete contracts were on a calendar year, but who knows. He’s one of the nicest and classiest guys in the sport. More on sponsors below.

Great race report from the Leona Divide 50k.

Rob Pope is raising some eyebrows for sure. He’s currently running back and forth across the US with 35+ miles each day while also racing marathons. He just finished London in 2:36.

Goodbye, Sweet America. College deems outdoor club activities “too risky.”

An athlete’s value is calculated by determining audience engagement with that athlete’s posts (likes, comments, shares) and then by using that engagement figure to work out how much it would cost a company to generate a comparable response by paying for advertising on the same platforms.

–Want to be a sponsored athlete? Better have a robust social media presence. Here’s an interesting discussion/analysis of how companies quantify their athletes’ impact and worth.

…and I’d recommend keeping the political activism to a minimum.

Want to watch Max King and Ryan Sandes’ asses? Video right this way. (SFW)

…and here’s our interview with George Zack from five years ago.

Post from the RD of JFK:

We need your help JFK Family, 
We are trying to “Track Down” Karsten Schulz who at the age of 17 set the still-standing Junior Record –ages 19 and under– in the JFK 50 Mile (6:16:25) while finishing second overall in the 1977 JFK 50 Mile.  It is the longest standing of all the JFK 50 Mile records. 
 Attempts to locate Karsten have been fruitless.  The first person who can put-us-in-contact with “The” Karsten Schulz (Westminster High School, Westminster, Maryland Class of 1978 who later competed for Southern Illinois University) will receive a free entry to the JFK 50 Mile to be used at their discretion this year or at any time in the future.  
If you have contact information on Karsten Schulz, e-mail race director Mike Spinnler at [email protected] 

OK, coach, so how much time do I need to run an ultramarathon? Coach Koop responds.

Kawauchi is going pro.

I’m just about done with Scott and Jenny Jurek’s book North: Finding My Way While Running the Appalachian Trail and can’t believe how good it is. I mentioned on IG yesterday that there are a lot of MUT books out there, but this one is on another level. We’re interviewing Jenny on Sunday…stay tuned.

If you liked hearing Gavin and Dave’s stories from the 350 mile ITI, here’s more on the guy who won the 1,000 mile race.

Didya know some woman ran London dressed as a poop emoji? And other interesting records set at the big race.

Are you the time trailer, going after quantifiable goals, or are you the competitor?  Good read right here.

Summer and the heat are upon us. Here’s what you need to know about he psychological elements to heat exhaustion.

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