Ultramarathon Daily News | Tuesday, Aug 28

Clinch your butt cheeks and run a ridge route on the Matterhorn with Kilian.

Jamil gets some love from Runner’s World. He’s a great ambassador for the sport for sure. Here’s his most recent Outhouse News update.

Another textbook race from the incredible Meghan (Arbogast) Laws.

Did you catch our latest podcast with Pam Smith? We talk about Badwater, social media and sponsors, self-appointed self help gurus in sports bras, avocados, hamstring tendonopathy and more.

First, I find it amusing that the year 2016 is used when describing something as “a long time coming.” That was only two years ago(!), but it goes to show the changing demographic of our sport. Neither good nor bad, just an observation. But also in the article by David Roche is a good game plan for tackling an FKT, whether it’s the fastest or not.

“It’s probably a bobcat, but looks like a mountain lion, who knows, could be a mutant,” Dodge said.

–Whatever it is, stay safe out there, Pennsylvania runners.

That most recent interview with Pam Smith was sponsored by Bigfoot 200. Registration is open for the 2019 event...sign up right here for “the best hallucinations in any ultra.” You in?

Good piece by UK’s Damian Hall about “living like a monk” in preparation for UTMB.

“As more and more are sucked in, the Follower Economy has turned into a fiercely competitive pyramid scheme, demanding ever increasing volume of yet more jaw-dropping content to sustain it. Omission has become the principal narrative device of our day, and ever more contrived challenges are conceived of for the sake of self-publicity and that Holy Grail of modern marketing, virality.”

-In the Pam Smith episode, we talked about the role of social media in the sport? Interested in more? Check out this compelling piece about how it’s changing the outdoors as we’ve known it. Agree? Disagree?

So here’s the schedule (starts and predicted finishes) for all of the UTMB events this week. It’s written for GMT+2, so consider you’re own time zone. (PST is -7.)

Science folks, help me out with this one: Highly trained endurance athletes are in such good shape that the heart shape/functionality changes so much that it causes atrial fibrosis? Interesting.

If you’ve got a few minutes, read Fegy’s report from Hardrock this year. And hey, I didn’t realize the google streetview maps were that good!

Alright, that does it, I’m buying a pair (set?) of rollerskis. Anyone have recommendations? I have no idea where to start.

The seven traits of mentally tough runners.

Karel Sabbe is kicking ass all over the Appalachian Trail right now and should finish today He’ll demolish Stringbean’s self-supported record and Jurek’s supported run by four and five days, respectively. Unfortunately, his (likely) new FKT will be overshadowed by UTMB.

How these professional-level endurance athletes train while holding down full time jobs.

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