Ultramarathon Daily News | Tuesday, Aug 29

Patagonia: The Lost Arts of the Outdoors. I’d hate to imagine how few people in the prime of their lives couldn’t pitch a tent or start a fire…but could take the “perfect” selfie.

Drunk Hood to Coast runner steals a portapotty truck, runs over another runner, and flees the scene. What the hell? Dude, get some help.

Relative strength workouts to help your running game. 

The estimated prevalence of past-year doping was 43.6% (95% confidence interval 39.4–47.9) at WCA and 57.1% (52.4–61.8) at PAG. The estimated prevalence of past-year supplement use at PAG was 70.1% (65.6–74.7%). Sensitivity analyses, assessing the robustness of these estimates under numerous hypothetical scenarios of intentional or unintentional noncompliance by respondents, suggested that we were unlikely to have overestimated the true prevalence of doping.

Pretty Really damning results from World Athletic Champs.

Mario’s Morning Shakeout: Passing of David Torrence and the awesomeness of Mike Wardian. Anxious to dig into the Long Run interview later today.

Interesting: Why are so many breweries selling their beer in fifteen packs? (Other answer: You thought was a case until you got it home. You’ve been tricked.)

Recipe for success: Hard training, gluttonous eating, tons of rest, and an awesome wife.

Intense day in the Tetons with Anton and Jason as they climb some incredible high-consequence terrain.  What did he bring for nutrition? An empty water bottle and two gels.

One important thing to remember is our brain doesn’t care if the risk from a certain situation is actually grounded in fact or reality.

–Three steps to turning your fears into your advantages in your next ultramarathon or endurance event.

A beer mile at 14k’ atop Pike’s Peak. Ouuuuch.

105 here in Sacramento today, so it’s nice watching Guillaume battle the cold and the wind on some awesome singletrack in Croatia.

Want to help those affected by Hurricane Harvey? There are myriad ways to lend a hand (or dollar.) I’m assuming trail and ultramarathon races are on hold for the time being. Anyone have info?

PTL’s route was changed last night due to weather-related security conditions. A harbinger of things to come on Friday, I sure hope not. Is it time to consider a calendar change for the race, or would any time of year be wrought with weather risks?

A great vid recap of The Marquette 50 from northern Michigan on the shores of Lake Superior.

In order to win races in California, you need to be in your 20s or 30s, have a wicked Insta following, a robust Facebook page, and kick ass gear, right? I’m interviewing someone tonight who breaks all those norms and is winning races in his 50s.

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