Ultramarathon Daily News | Tuesday, Jan 15

All the ultramarathon and trail results from this weekend you can shake a stick at, courtesy of Justin at IRF.

If you’re into running ultramarathons these days, adapting to waitlists is becoming as common as adapting to crotch chafing. Here, CTS coach Corrine talks about how to plan for a race you may not run. Last June we interviewed Andrew Chapello who was sitting in a very similar situation…a few spots away from a Western States bib and unsure if he’d get to line up.

Courtney Dauwalter and Tim Freriks nab the UROY bridesmaids position. Let the discussions begin.

I’m not sure if this article is intended for the clothing optional crowd, but it seems to be a good place to start if you’re looking to go “wild swimming” in the UK.

Your bind-boggling ultramarathon trivia for the day: Yiannis Kouros holds the record for the furthest run in 24 hours with 188 damn miles (record set in 1997). That’s 7:40 pace, and that, ladies and gentlemen, is crazy.

Speaking of 24 hours, my day didn’t go as planned on Saturday, but I learned two major lessons and finished feeling content and happy. More on that later.


Looking for an interview with a tough and determined woman? Check out latest interview with Michele Yates where she shares her story of injury, health issues, strength, and will power. Michele had Sarah’s and my jaw on the ground a few times and I’m confident you’ll have the same reaction.

Mario asked readers about their “word for the year”, but I’m going to choose this phrase, eloquently expanded upon by Brad Stulberg. Great read.

Biotech is making some incredible advancements, and when combined with serious grit and years of mountaineering experience, is allowing people like this guy with stage IV lung cancer to climb mountains in Nepal.

ultramarathonOur most recent interview was sponsored by the good folks at S-Fuels. If you’re looking for a sugar free hydration product that helps you avoid spikes, bonks, and GI distress, be sure to check out their products (with free shipping and a 100% guarantee!) right this way.

Not an ultramarathon, but Molly Huddle pops the American half marathon record by nine seconds at Houston. Wow!

If a race company is held partially liable for allowing a wildfire to tragically burn competitors during a race, should the company be allowed to host other races? Interesting debate going on New Zealand.

I’m looking forward to reading more of AJW’s posts about races and runners that helped shape this silly sport. Here’s the story of Mackey’s run at Western States 2004.

#restdaybrags are good and all, but at what point does rest start to draw from your fitness?

The Brooks CEO backtracks on some comments he made about who is a “real runner.” Alright, now bring back the Green Silence and I’ll forgive you.

We just booked our family vacation to Nicaragua this summer. If you’ve got experience in the country–especially of the running and trail variety–please let me know. 

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