Ultramarathon Daily News, Tuesday, Jan 22

Justin/IRF covered all the trail and ultramarathon results from the weekend right here.

Here are Mario’s thoughts on what went down in Houston. What he left out was the abysmal TV coverage and how ABC missed nearly every story in just over an hour.

Quick chat with Jim, post Houston.

And another big shoutout to Devon Yanko for running her own OTQ at Houston. While she didn’t PR, she says she ran a PR effort in tough conditions and that was good enough!

We’ve got UROY and FKTOY…can we also have a FPOY (Favorite Person of the Year)? Because Claire here wins all the way. She’s go an obsession with drawing Strava weiners and seems to have a pretty great sense of humor.

Speaking of FKTOY, Candice Burt and Joe Grant took the number three positions.

New to the ultra world? Koop has a 4 year plan that doesn’t include “Run first 50k, then a qualifier, then put in for Western, then whine that you didn’t get in” in the first twelve months.

Much was made of Michael “The Fruitarian’ Arnstein‘s conviction for forgery last year, but I only recently learned of the details. While I’m nowhere near an attorney, it sounds like he made a few bad decision when his family business was held hostage and that it’s not as egregious as originally reported. Mike started his sentence last week. Attorneys out there, what do you think?

Semi-Rad: Air fresheners based on real outdoor odors. Can we add a few?

  • The smell of the inside of a water bottle during the last few miles of a race where it’s got a mix of Perpetuem, lemon lime drink, and cola?
  • Running short stank.
  • The car the next day if you forget to pull the aforementioned shorts out and get them in the wash.

Bracing and mindfulness…two things we use in running that have huge upsides in real life.

Mario’s Morning Shakeout. I agree with Mario about the weirdness of the Asics announcement. That’s a company that’s always been strange to me…one full of missed opportunities. I’d venture that many of us wore Asics when we started running, right? So why’d we change? Sure, Asics has largely stayed out of the MUT space, but to me they’ve had a hard time with messaging and stepping out of the “traditional running shoe” model. We moved on, they did not.

Haha! Runner’s World homepage just one big affiliate link.

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