Ultramarathon Daily News | Tuesday, July 11

Fighter: Fantastic article about Gabe Grunewald and her fight with cancer. Best one I’ve read so far.  (Holy cow, is someone cutting onions in here?)

Kaytlyn and Ladia’s WS wraps supporting their friend Gabe.

On a side note, after her run at USATF Nationals, Gabe headed up to Placer High to watch her friend Ladia Albertson-Junkans (Chuckanut 50k champ) pace in her runner Kaytlyn Gerbin (4th female OA.). Kaytlyn, Ladia, and crew wore wraps with GABE written on them to show support for their friend.

At first I laughed at the idea, but I could definitely see a trail umbrella coming in handy in either rain or scorching sun.  Anyone ever run with one?

Franciscan Priest ready to run 50 mile ultramarathon. After taking a vow of poverty, he needed to find a cheap sport to take up…little did he know the money pit that is MUT running!

“As runners that’s what we’re challenged with…we usually never reach a point where we can’t take one step more. We reach a point where we choose not to go any further because we stop believing that it’s possible.”

–Need a little motivation? I interviewed Kevin Moore one year ago about his decision to pack a small bag, fly to Spain, and run the Camino de Santiago. Check it out here.

Mario’s Morning Shakeout is particularly good this morning. How though, to fundamentally change the rules and organization so that cheaters are caught and punished appropriately?

Guys set up fake site offering moto-doped bikes and pretty much everyone wants to buy one. What sort of interest would a “undetectable performance enhancers specifically designed for ultramarathon runners” get?  My guess? A lot.

Sometimes patent lawsuits are rather silly, but this sports bra suit looks pretty obvious.

Excellent: Guy loses his friend in an accident and goes on epic journey to all 59 National Parks, learning important lessons along the way. Take a few minutes and watch this.

Dr. Friedman digs into coronary artery disease in endurance runners.

I still think it’s a silly sport, but this guy just set a WR for the one mile race walk. His time? 5:30. That’s impressive.

Want to follow along with Badwater? Live updates, videos, and splits right here.

I’m giving away a few “ultra women” shirts in men’s sizes/cuts to my Patreon supporters. Last night, my 7yo (turns 8 today!) daughter picked two names.   Drumroll…Andrew from Sarasota, FL and Sean from Novato, CA. I’ll contact both of you about claiming your major award. Thanks everyone!

Station Note: Releasing a new podcast today, then heading up to Eastern Sierra for a few days. News will continue, but if I skip a day, please forgive me.

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