Ultramarathon Daily News | Tuesday, July 24

Koop: Tips for better downhill running in ultramarathon events. Great physical tips, but many of us (me! me!) struggle with the fear of bombing downhills, especially if the terrain is technical. Getting over the fear of eating s*&t is a tough one that I’ve struggled with since 2007 when I wiped out on a downhill on Angel Island. I’d love to read/hear someone talk about ways to get past mental blocks that many of us have on the trails.

Read this: URP cohost Sarah just attended/coached a high mountain running camp in Colorado...here are four takeaways from it that help define a successful mountain runner. There’s another camp in September that’s still got a few spots available, but you better move fast before I snatch one of them up.

[Lance Armstrong] expects the podcast will bring in between $700,000 and $1 million over the course of this year’s three-week Tour de France.

–What the hell? Lance returns to public life and is apparently doing something right.

rabbit adds another up and comer to their hutch that you heard here two months ago: Kate Elliot.

Mario Fraioli hits on two big stories in running right now in his Morning Shakeout: The Hardrock DQ and the Nike VaporFly 4%. I agree with his measured analysis of both.

There’s Mario’s smart commentary on the Hardrock DQ, then there’s Deadspin’s reporting of it.

ultramarathon hydration
Latest ultramarathon hydration offerings (mens vest on top, womens sports bra on bottom) from Naked Sports Innovations

New gear trends our gear editor Ben is expecting to pick up steam: the fusion of clothing and hydration storage. Ultimate Direction just announced their forthcoming Hydrolight Series and Naked Sports Innovations is releasing their Naked Running Spra and Naked Running Vest (above) in September. 

More gear: Are you loyal to petzl headlamps? Want to know more about their three latest models? Ben shines a light on the Bindi, Actik Core, and Nao+ right over here. 

Jim Shwilk, owner of Porter’s Liquor in Pyrmont, Sydney, said he initially thought a large dog was responsible for the mess left in the courtyard.

But after checking his CCTV footage, he was shocked to discover the culprit was a blonde jogger.

–Alright people. Can we please stop pooping in public? It makes us look bad.

Excellent post by David Roche about dealing with the post race blues. We work and work and prepare our minds and body for a race. The event happens and we’re left with…a medal and a memory. See this eloquent post by Sabrina Little about “the day after.” I’ve seen many parallels with weddings too. Generally the brides prepare (sometimes for a decade!) for that “one special day” and once it’s over, they’re whole drive and purpose is gone.

Why are track meets in Europe so much better than those stateside? Layout, schedule, music, booze, and more right here. Similarly, what do we need to do (if we want to) to encourage spectator participation in our mountain races?

More on Nick Basset, the oldest finisher of Western States. An old guy just trudging along in a light age group, or a spry 73 year old who listens to advice from a woman who used to play pro basketball?

Interesting trend: Though OCR involvement has plateaued, womens involvement in long distance obstacle course events is increasing. I was interviewed by Matt B. Davis of Obstacle Racing Media yesterday for an upcoming podcast and we discussed a wide range of issues.

Justin/IRF’s rundown of all the ultramarathon and trail running results from this past weekend.

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