Ultramarathon Daily News | Tuesday, June 26

Take a few minutes and read this compelling and thorough report from Davy Crockett about the real history of ultramarathon running in the US and the genesis of the 24 hour run. What a bunch of characters!

Jason Koop and CTS’ advice and results from Western States. Excellent tips for any hundred miler. Bookmark this one.

Heart Training 101 with David Roche.

In summary I ran the perfect race I could have given my level of fitness and having to come back from injury. Not being able to train or run for months definitely made me lose a lot of strength and cardiovascular fitness. I had basically three months of training to get me prepared to run 100 miles. That is why I had to be honest, and not let myself compare or get down on myself for not being where I was in years past. And with that mindset I was able to run happy and enjoy the race!

Excellent report from Kaci Lickteig about her run at Western.

I published this extended audio version of the URP Daily News yesterday and was delighted–and surprised– at the response. Now I need to figure out how often I can reasonably expect to publish it. Maybe a Friday wrap up? Maybe Tues/Thurs? Maybe make it exclusive to the Patreon crew to justify the extra work? One thing I’ll do is make sure it’s on a different feed so those looking for interviews aren’t flooded with news updates. Thoughts?

Quite a few of you asked about the bear story at the 2011 Western States. I mistakenly said that it was Kami Semick and Nikki Kimball who encountered the bear at mile 97 and then raced from a dead stop to the finish. In fact, it was Kami Semick and Ellie Greenwood.  Here’s the play by play from the eventual F2.

And not to take anything away from Courtney at all, but it’s incredible to consider Ellie’s record from 2012 was 30 minutes faster than Courntey’s run on Saturday. Dayum. 

Hardrock is…..on!

If every article about the sport of ultrarunning was written like this one, there’d be a lot more legitimate intrigue into what we do. Great piece. Well done Stephen Kersh!

There are plenty of claims about CBD oil. What’s fact, and what’s fiction?

Local runner looking for their trail angel. Anyone know anything?

“So,,,how can I find out who was volunteering at Last Chance Aid Station (at WS100)? I believe the young lads name was Rian? Or Ryan? (sounded like he said “ian” but he said it started with an R) foreign accent Aussie or New Zealand possibly….anyhow, he took great patients handling a breakdown I was having and eventually got me revived…and now I’m dying to know who he was. One of the hero’s of my day, Maybe he was a ghost or a spirit?”

A mature and measured response to the post yesterday about MTB riders having a growth/identity crisis.

Chronicles of an ultramarathon volunteer.

The Montes Aquilianos 60 km in Spain sounds about perfect. Anyone else run it?

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