Ultramarathon Daily News | Tuesday, June 4

We’ve got Nolan’s, but the Himalayas have this challenge: Summit six, 8,000 meter peaks in four weeks. Oof.

John Kelly’s gear list from his 2017 Barkley finish. (Notice the XO Skin kit and want to try it out? Use URP for a 20% discount with full 30 day money back guarantee.)

JamJam: Latest edition of Mountain Outhouse News with a new treadmill record, Keith Dunn, Amelia Boone, and Little Debbie, Western States, and more.

As JamJam mentioned, Western States is in just over three weeks but it seem like there’s less hype this year. There’ll be a killer field, exciting (for us!) weather, and lots at stake, so why the lower excitement? Or it just me?

Don’t miss out! Use URP20 for a 20% discount off registration!

Speaking of Western, I just saw this: Five bucks for a Friday lift ticket for the month of June. Pretty sweet deal. NFI.

Backpacker Magazine: How to identify, avoid, and treat poison ivy. Personal: I’ve mentioned it on the show before that I (coincidentally, or my wife) am not affected by poison ivy. I’ve trudged through it and rubbed on it, but luckily no affect. However…I ran through something on Sunday and now my left ankle is comically swollen, itchy, and hot to the touch. I’ve put cortisone on it and cleaned it and have an appt with the doc today. I’ll let you know what it is/was.
The last time this happened was the time I was prescribed a steroid and ran my best race the following weekend. Oops.

Raconteur: If consumerism is so bad and the environmental impacts of production are so severe, maybe he should just shut down the company and solve the problem. Not trying to be overly snarky, but these puff(y) pieces are getting a bit old.

Trail Sisters: I really like this new post by Jaqueline Beard and can relate to her routine and mindset of early morning runs and savoring the alone time created by the darkness.

Science: I’m pretty sure this says that ultramarathon runners are healthier than other people.

Meanwhile, this article definitely says that consumption of energy drinks will cause the human heart to ride away on a tiny skateboard wearing a backwards truckers hat.

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