Ultramarathon and Trail Running Daily News | Tuesday, June 5

Gabi interviews Abby in this fun talk about female opportunities in the sport, how she found ultramarathons and trail running, why “plant based” sounds better than “vegan”, her racing mantras, and more.

Learn it. Know it. Live it: Eight ultramarathon coaches give the single best pieces of advice.

Quick report from the Western States Training Camp over Memorial Day weekend.

And speaking of rabbit, I just noticed that there are some men’s “rad women of ultras” shirts still available. (NFI)

After swearing off hundred milers, Sophie signed up for OD100 and trained smarter this way. Read along over here.

ultramarathon trail running
Following an 8 year old with endless energy.

Want to know more about the biggest ultramarathon in the world? Your Comrades cheat sheet is right here.  Here are a few more URP interview with Comrades runners from the past few years: Ellie Greenwood | Patrick Reagan | Devon Yanko

Rupp, Webb, Favor, Pre, and Bluto from Animal House: A look back at some of the memorable moments at Hayward Field. (That Favor/Sazbo duel was awesome!)

Important stuff from Ian Torrence: The essentials of the long run.

It’s getting hot out! You better make friends with the heat during training or come race day, you’ll be in big trouble. David Roche explains more right this way.

Western States RD Craig Thornley recently announced that a large number of entrants hadn’t completed trail work, and were being removed from the list. Follow along here to see runners moved off the wait list and onto the starters list.  And check out out who’s in if four other people back out.

Last year we interviewed Andrew Chapello around this time, as he was sitting on the wait list, but still training for the Big Dance. (He ended up running.)

Lining up interviews for the next two weeks. Stay tuned. 


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