Ultramarathon Daily News | Tuesday, May 15

Read this: Excellent analysis of the Jurek’s book North while also weaving in the lessons and message from Hutchinson’s Endure. What exactly is it that drives us forward, despite all logic and self preservation?

Ugh. And on another side of the coin is this heart wrenching story written by the father of a Yale runner who, while emulating and idolizing Pre, battled mental illness with the same conviction with which he trained and studied. You may want to have some tissues ready.

If you saw the film The Hard Way last year, you’ll remember octogenarian Bob Hayes. His family announced yesterday that he has passed.

But you need to worship at the altar of easy days. Even after you acclimate over time, exertion will be substantially higher for most athletes at the same paces, so embrace the slow.

–David Roche reminds us to chill out on uphills, altitude, and vert.

Track Laz’s progress across the country right here. I’m guessing the “day in a few words” column will get pretty interesting.

Quick interview about a positive mindset in and out of the office with Magda Boulet and fellow GU exec/adventurer Roxanne Vogel.

Kelise had one hell of an experience en route to her run at Madeira. Nevertheless, she persevered and has a great story to tell!

As a fellow dog lover, I’m with Scott on this one: Shut up and leash your f’ing dog.

How Boulder became a running mecca. Similar stories for Asland, Seattle, Flagstaff, Marin County…

With the new SCOTUS ruling re sports betting, does this mean we start to start putting wagers on ultramarathons like they used to

Speaking of ultraultramarathons, here’s the leaderboard for Three Days at the Fair.

From the What’s Your Excuse, Again? file: Seventy year old double amputee summits Everest.



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