Ultramarathon Daily News | Tuesday, May 22

What starts initially as an interview with runners gearing up for the largest ultramarathon in the world quickly transitions into a piece about why people are running long distances in the first place. Great read. Check it out.

Solid ideas from David Roche: Workouts for trail runners who don’t like workouts.

Similar to The Big Dance stateside, Brits are celebrating the Royal Wedding this week getting ready for the Grand Union Canal Race. Here’s an excellent piece about the history and excitement of the storied event.

Better hope this woman is nowhere near the race.

“Since I’ve been a dad, I’ve gotten faster,” Laverty, 31, said as his breathing returned to a resting rate.

–We interviewed Elisa Laverty last year about running her first 50 miler while momming. Here, her husband Keith gets some well-earned press and shares his simple wisdom for success on the trails.

I’ll preface this by saying I’d never heard of Susie Chan before, but apparently she’s an influential influencer in the running (and ultramarathon?) world. In this interview, she writes about why and how some less-talented runners have more an impact than runners winning races. Kind of weird that she’s used as this example, right?

Something we all share as runners: Muscle Cramps. In this piece, Corrine Malcolm dives into the most recent research and science to explain why we get them, the lore of pickle juice, and what we can do to get rid of the dreaded cramp.

Seems like an awesome way to increase visibility of running. As the author points out, most people recognize the mile and the marathon as the “normal” running distances, and with the former much easier to organize than the latter, hosting a street mile in LA (or on the Embarcadero in San Francisco or Peachtree Street in Atlanta, etc) would be incredible for the sport.

Do you hate your quads? Have something against your teeth? Here’s an opportunity to run down one of Europe’s most notorious ski runs, gates and all. Yeah, it’s only 350 meters long, but that should be long enough, right?

Did this NatGeo writer even see the movie? Maybe a question about the cultural pace of the Bhutanese people or the overt frustration of the runners at the apparent lack of preparation and communication? 

Mario has some good thoughts on Ironman’s acquisition of Ultra Trail Australia and what it may mean for the future of endurance sports and ultramarathon events.

And another ultramarathon/running property changes hands (that only industry geeks will notice) as TRE is sold to a corporate trade show promoter.

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