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Justin/IRF disabled spellcheck and runs down the top trail and ultramarathon results from this weekend. Tip of the hat to Justin for some pretty challenging spelling/names!

Leslie takes the first proverbial step and admits that she’s injured. I’ve certainly been in her position…pushing off the pains and niggles until your body revolts and let’s you know that in no uncertain terms that YOU NEED TO HEAL UP.

ultramarathon training trail
When you live at sea level, levee access roads are “hills.”

Stephanie writes about the differences in registration rates for men and women in ultramarathon distance events. I disagree with much of her article, but appreciate her measured and respectful responses in other forums. This is a tough one because I know that she and I are looking at this through vastly different lenses. She’s a human rights attorney focusing on girls sports in a country where females civil rights are severely limited, if non-existent. I’m seeing the issue from progressive Northern California in a culture where there are literally more running opportunities/programs for girls than there are for boys. I suspect many Daily News readers and runners are somewhere in the middle.

Sarah has made good arguments for the mathematical problems of certain lotteries and Stephanie mentions those issues in her post. They have good points about those specific events and the challenge of “breaking into” veteran lottery status, which will allow more female representation. Without digging too deep into the lottery rules, I get that.

However, road racing gender participation over the years show a pretty good split (56/44), so I’m not sure how the idea that women are socially engineered to stay away from running makes sense. While most females in my family and group of friends like to get dirty and run trails and ultramarathons, more seem to want to stick to the roads. And that’s fine. 

Encouraging more girls to run–specifically trails and ultras–is something we should all be doing, but trying to force an outcome by compelling inclusion through contrived participation will not create actual equity, only the false illusion of it.

I’m sure you have some thoughts and like Stephanie, I’d love to hear them and consider what I’m missing. Weigh in below.

The importance of back strength for runners.

Speaking of that, here’s the ultramathon runner’s guide to stretching.

Provocative: Everything you know about running shoes is wrong.

Last time I was in Corfu (early 20s), I spent my time riding a motorcycle around and doing peyote with a Greek Shepard for four days.  If I were to go back, I’d probably hit the trails and get some beautiful miles in like Tom did.

Mario covers many of the highlights from the Prefontaine Classic and probably a lot more, but I’m not reading it. I recorded the meet and will be watching later tonight and don’t want any spoilers.

Science: Why “easy” and “hard” days make a difference in your workouts.

I first had a gruit ale at Sonoma Springs Brewery a few years ago and haven’t been able to find one since. Nice to see they’re making a comeback now that I’ve stopped drinking. /sarcasm

More science: Why 15 minutes of running really does improves kids’ lives. I coach a before-school running program each Friday for my kids’ elementary school and hear consistent messages from the teachers: Yeah, the students come in a bit more energized (and dirty…), but then are able to focus and sit still better after their runs. Helps prevent the massive change in the BMI scale as they move up in grades, too.

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