Ultramarathon Daily News | Tuesday, May 8

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How to ramp up ultramarathon training without getting injured. (Also: Don’t do stupid stuff outside of running that will jeopardize your fitness/health.)

Remember our interview with Kyle Pietari from earlier this year? During our chat, he talked about wanting to attempt a sub four (FOUR) minute mile on a dirt road in Colorado. He did it (while breathing in exhaust and dirt!) Awesome! Congrats and nice work!

Some guy named Pavel gets drunk and climbs a mountain in the Italian Alps, breaks into a bar, chugs some water, and passes out.

This pack is a solid contender for just about any situation. Load it with one bottle and a phone, and you’ll barely even notice you are wearing it. Or load it up with a full bladder, to 600ml bottles, your phone, and a bunch of food, and it carries so well that you will still barely know it’s there.

–Check out our latest review of the Orange Mud 2L Gear Vest 2.0 right this way.

If you’re a sponsored athlete, don’t act like an (anonymous) jerk online.

SCAR ultramarathon
SCAR report below.

Thorough and fun report from the SCAR (Smoky Challenge Adventure Run) on the AT.

Mario Fraioli has some good thoughts on the Kiprop EPO mess in his Morning Shakeout.

Yes! Ditch your GPS sometimes and run with yourself. Great post by David Roche.

Are you an experienced backpacker looking for a sweet gig this summer? Consider.

Report from the Thames Path 100 with a good message about managing heat in an ultramarathon.

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