Ultramarathon Daily News | Tuesday, Nov 13

Wow. Heather “Anish” Anderson becomes the first woman to hike the “Calendar Year Triple Crown.” That’s the AT (2190 miles), PCT (2660 miles) and Continental Divide Trail (3100 miles) in one calendar year. That’s 7,950 miles hiked in 251 days…works out to a convenient 50k per day or a mere 210 miles per week…for 35 damn weeks straight.
So how’s your 2018 been?

From the Federal Government’s NO SH*T File: Move more, sit less, be healthier.

If you’re as obsessed with Big’s Backyard Ultra as I am, you’ll appreciate this movie. It really shows the runners and crew in a candid way, both on the course and between starts. Well done! 

Are VKs the new mud-glitter-light runs?

Do you really need that race shirt? Good article on the waste created with SWAG, particularly tech shirts. Isn’t a large part of race shirts advertising for sponsors though? I love the idea of upcycling shirts (especially these mashups), but how will the loss of sponsor marketing be mitigated?

Andy has a quick answer to the three attributes that make a good student/runner. I’d have to squeeze adaptability in there somewhere. what about you? Got a good Golden Recipe?

Fire update: Sierra Nevada Brewing is HQed in Chico, just a few miles from devastating Camp Fire in (what used to be) Paradise. In this Facebook post, they announce that meals and clothes for first responders and fire victims are comped and in this article, they discreetly let beer fans know that brewing will continue and their barrel aged reserve (some of the best in the business) is safe and secure.

Speaking of the fire, North Face Endurance Challenge will announce by 5pm PST today if the race will go on this weekend. If it’s cancelled, I know of a couple thousand people who could certainly use a clean new shirt right now…

Any diehard XC fans want to go to central Denmark in March? This looks too incredible to miss. Seriously not seriously. 

This is an excellent race report about Pinhoti 100. Ryne could’ve easily called it a day after 69, or succumbed to his messed up calf/hip, or taken a DNF because he felt like crap. Instead, he persisted, and though he slipped back in pace and place, he still ran a sub 22 hundred and will always have the experience in the back of his mind.

Another good report, this from the motivational perspective. Nice work Anne!

I don’t listen to podcasts enough to know if URP would win (lose, actually) at bingo.

If you train in the evening, do you sleep better or worse after your run?

NUC: With plenty of bad news this week, let’s focus on the positive. A kite boarding dog named Zeus was stolen out of a truck (in guess which state), then returned to his rightful owner by an alert dude just trying to take a test. (Side note:As someone who’s usually critical of millennials, I’m still not sure why the newspaper chose to include millennial in the title. It has nothing to do with the story whatsoever.)

Yeah, that’s the reason I won’t do yoga. It’s freaking demonic.

Road race cancelled due to smoky conditions. Racers show up anyway, eat the food, drink beer, get medals, and party in the street.

Why are American women outperforming American men in the marathon? A fair analysis.

Roche: Want to be better on the hills? Get faster on the flats.

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