Ultramarathon Daily News | Tuesday, Oct 23

Big’s is over with Johan Steene walking away with 283 miles. Courtney held on for second with 279 miles and Gavin Woody with 270. I’m guessing next year we see someone break 300. Final results here.

Ever wondered what it’s like to crew a race like that? Ultramarathon runner and crew extraordinaire Heidi wrote a piece for URP about how taking care of runners isn’t too different than caring for infants.

Throwback Tuesday: Check out our interview with Jeremy Ebel after he ran Big’s in 2014. He and 2018 winner Johan Steene (here’s the interview where he talks about having such bad crotch chaffage that he was throwing up) fought it out until Johan had to jump on a plane to get back to work in Sweden. Yes, we’ve been following this race for a while.

It’s OK to start talking about UROY, right? Because I know this gal who’s started 9 ultramarathons this year, won 7 of them, just clicked off 279 miles at Big’s, and still has Desert Solstice…

Pop science: Not being in shape is worse than having diabetes or smoking.

Skurka checks out the new Ultimate Direction (one piece and strong) trekking poles.

Pop quiz: Who has the fastest men’s 100 miler in the US this year? Jay Friedman interviews Jim Sweeney right this way.

Surprising: Sydney McLaughlin signs with New Balance.

So people actually thought the “calories burned” metric on wearables was accurate

I was in New Delhi a few years ago during this race and still can’t believe people were running. The air quality was SO BAD I could actually see the smog in my hotel room.

Running Javelina this weekend? Here are the top five reasons people DNF at the race.

In the list of things to take with you on a trail run, mace is number one? I think there’s an over-emphasis on trail safety right now that’s not doing anyone any good. 

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