Ultramarathon Daily News | Tuesday, Oct 9

Good advice: Five things ultramarathon runners should do in the fall. No mention of fall beers? Come on, AJW!

It’s a big day for URP! Gear Editor Ben has been working hard reviewing products while simultaneously figuring out the finer points of video editing and it all comes together now.  Here’s his first video review:  the Nathan VaporZach hydration vest. And no, that’s not his gear locker behind him.  (Let us know what ya think! Anxious for more reviews? What would you like to see in URP reviews that’s lacking in others’?)

–And maybe we’ll get a review soon for these. Version three of the HOKA Speedgoat.

Infinite Trails Community Run in Boulder offers childcare. Awesome!

Spaff and Ray Zahab take on the Akshayuk Pass on Baffin Island. Cold trails and polar bears with minimal gear, and he nailed some pretty hairy spellings.

Outside: How climate change is affecting the places and ways we race.

Athletic Brewery in CT makes a session IPA that rivals your favorite ale (don’t roll your eyes, I’m serious), but shipping costs were quite high for awhile. Now there’s free shipping when you order two six-packs. Woohoo! (Not an ad.)

From the ultralist: Phil McCarthy, veteran ultramarathon runner  (24hr team member, former 48hr AR holder with 257 miles) is wrapping up his transcontinental run tomorrow. Of great note, he is actually going coast to coast (not Town Hall to Town Hall). He should be crossing the George Washington Bridge, continuing to City Hall in the afternoon, and then going straight to Coney Island. He’s put together a heck of a run with a minimal support crew (mostly one person), and is on track to go just under 50 days. This will be the second fastest documented run crossing of the US, behind Pete Kostelnick, ahead of Marshall Ulrich (there is another in there – not Rob Young – that seems to have a fair bit of suspicion among experts). Folks are welcome to come out and join Phil as he runs down the West Side to City Hall, and then on to Brooklyn.

No ultramarathon content, but some excellent thoughts on the risks of risk taking and innovation. Read it. h/t GZ.

You’ve heard Sufferfest beer mentioned on here before, but here are a few more breweries that’ve focused on electrolyte-infused ales.

In the afternoon I was starting to get a little jittery from all the donuts. (Shocker!) I was ready for some real food. So Mel stopped and bought some mid-run pizza. Because if an ultramarathon fueled by donuts is good, an ultramarathon fueled by donuts and pizza is better.

–It’s that time of year when Cory takes off for a donut fueled 100 miler. Here’s his report from the Donut Trail in Ohio.

Speaking of Cory, watch he, Nicole (Kalogeropoulos) Bitter and Kyle Pietari prepare for and run Western States in Derrick Lytle’s latest film for Altra.

Another example of why athletes and musicians shouldn’t get involved in politics. (Oh, settle down.)

Your latest Mountain Outhouse News with JamJam.

You’re Meb’s best friend and advisor and he comes to you asking for advice: Should he stay retired, or should he train for Tokyo and risk either failure or stratospheric success? How would you counsel him?

You don’t have all the time in the world, but you want to make your next trail workout count? Coche Roche has five workouts tailored just for you.

Her awareness campaign has already worked on yours truly. I’ll admit to not knowing the first thing about endometrial cancer, but after this article (high functioning autistic woman who hates running is clicking off more ultramarathons than anyone else I know), I now realize how deadly–and silent–it can be.

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