Ultramarathon Daily News | Tuesday, Sep 10

Eric travels to Europe for a mountain race (Ultra Trail Monte Rosa) only to have it cancelled mid-way through due to weather. He does a great job describing the course (with pictures) and has some excellent commentary and questions on why, if these races mandate foul-weather gear, are they cancelled when bad weather appears.

RunSpirited: Henry chats with Justin Grunewald about the passing of his wife Gabe, his own running, and what the future holds.

It’s getting harder to get into the Boston Marathon. What would you think of popular ultramarathons using this approach?

Michele Yates FAQ: Michele opens up and answers questions from clients and readers.

SkyRunning: Here are the rankings from Skyrunning USA.

Guardian: Runner goes to the hospital with leg pain and is (mis)diagnosed with pulled hamstring. She died a week later from DVT.

TrailsAndTarmac: Rachel Drake tells her story of her hard-fought and bloody 7th place at CCC this year. One thing though…she’s awful quick to call “sexism” on something that could very well have have happened if, instead of Xavier, it was Anna or Rory or Emelie or other popular female runner. Agree?

Check out our latest episode with author Jared Beasley where we dive deep into the life and times of iconic ultra runner Al Howie. Howie’s got the record for longest run without stopping and the trans-Can FKT, and he did these while battling some mental health issues and poverty. Can’t wait for the book to come out!

WSER: Sizzle reel from the 2019 race.

Speaking of Western, OG ultrarunner and past URP guest Frank Bozanich just hit 200k lifetime miles. Wow! Be sure to check out this post from a few years ago where Frank recounts the early days of the race.

Speaking of mega distance, meet some of the “regular” runners who finished up Six Days in the Dome last week.

Olympics: The venue for long distance swimming is apparently pretty sh!t%y.

Dogfish Head Brewing Co releasing their first trail running shoe.

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