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In a discussion about the MUT GOAT on Twitter yesterday, I mentioned these excellent posts by Ian Sharman: The Greatest Ultramarathon Performances of All Time (mens here and women here.) They were written 2.5 years ago…would you update them?

Be sure to check out Sarah’s latest review of the Skecher’s GO Run MaxTrail 5. Sarah loves the shoes, but I can’t stop trying to figure out why shoe companies don’t give shoes simple names that consumers can remember and repeat.

Koop has long been outspoken about how he sees coaching and the quality of other coaches in the MUT industry and his latest post is no exception.  I get the physiology and performance training aspect and the education and ECUs that goes along with it. That training and experience certainly resonates with some people, but I’m guessing that a large percentage of coached athletes are looking for motivation and reassurance rather than hardcore performance. I could be way off base, but if that’s what the athlete is looking for, does all the physiological and performance training matter?
Another interesting discussion would be to determine a way to judge coaches. Success of athlete roster? Injury rate of athlete? Time on roster? How would public perception of coaches differ from that raw data? Would it make you choose one over the other?

Do you have a mantra or some type of positive/tough affirmation you tell yourself when you’re competing? I’ve always fallen back on ‘you paid for this, dumbass’, but after this recent interview with Katie Arnold, “Smile and Flow’ makes more sense.

The true cost of running a hundred miler: Somewhere around $700.

If my math is right, AJW is celebrating the 30th anniversary of his 21st birthday today. Happy Birthday to one of the most enthusiastic guys in this silly sport of ours.

Get to know Head Trail Sister Gina Lucrezi.

Pro tips to boost your ultramarathon/trail training for 2018.

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