Ultramarathon Daily News | Twethday? April 29fh?

Ya, ya run a mile an hour for 24 hours…Well, this Aussie did that while taking care of house and yard work. He runs, then plants a bunch of trees. Another mile and he fixes a table. Another mile and he repairs a ladder. Another and he stitches a jacket. And on and on. Really fun to watch. Now buddy, you’re earned the right to take the entire week off. Of everything.
(And a wink and nod to the “Make a Baby” goal on his paper towards the end of the film.)

I’m trying to embrace the loneliness of the long-distance runner, but man do I miss running with other people. One thing that races offer is comradery. Seeing familiar faces and catching up at a race expo, comparing notes on how training went leading up to the races … maybe laying down some excuses to lower someone’s expectations. 

–Canadian runner and coach Reid Soolsaet writes about his yearning for the return of racing.

Beer: Non-alcoholic offerings are becoming standards in liquor stores as more beer fans realize how much NA’s have improved over the past few years.

Adorable Child Still Believes in Tooth Fairy, Unicorns, 2020 Fall Marathons

–Another funny headline from Mark Remy, but I don’t agree. I think we’ll see some states and countries open up races in a matter of months. I’ll be there.

Outside: Get to know Mike Shattuck, the guy who’s running a marathon a day…forever.

BBC: Grant MacDonald survived a potentially deadly brain hemmorage a few years ago, learned to walk again, and is now clicking off 24 hour races. Nice work Grant!

Some underachiever (MIT and Harvard, pffft!) sets his goals and nails a new FKT on the Skyline Trail in Boston. Nice!

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