Ultramarathon Daily News and UROY Voting, Wed, Dec 14

Ultramarathon Daily News and UROY Voting

What athletes should eat at fast food restaurants.

Cool insight: Boston Marathon RD Dave McGillvray runs incognito in races to hear what people think, then surprises them when he reveals himself.  

Has anyone else dealt with a sports hernia or Gilmore’s Groin (which is either a stellar band name or an opportunity for a Gilmore Girls spoof) and can help this guy out? My dad had this surgery a few years ago and he’s back to running.

Justin Bieber: Trail Runner?  Cool with me if he finds joy in the same thing I do!  And it sounds like the Biebs has made some surprise appearances at SoCal trail races?  But bro, what’s with the outfit?

I don’t get too much into the diet discussions, but have kept an eye on Tim Noakes and the LCHF debate over the past few years.  Here’s a great explanation as to what’s going on.

Here’s a list of what I brought for the Himalayan 100.  From shoes to bags, this is what worked and what I wish I’d remembered.

This is the best brewery in your state, according to Yelp. Huh?

No ultramarathon content, but helpful to those who still use “cameras”: Five settings you need to know.

Here’s how Jay Friedman voted for the UROY and POY.

You remember when you’d turn in a test in college, then realize what you did wrong that night and wish you could get it back? I’ll admit, that’s how I feel about parts of my UROY ballot.  But here goes, my votes for Female Ultramarathon Runner of the Year:


  1. Kaci Lickteig
  2. Caroline Boller
  3. Pam Smith
  4. Magda Boulet
  5. Katy Nagy
  6. Courtney Dauwalter
  7. Camille Herron
  8. Darcy PIceu Africa
  9. Maggie Guterl
  10. Meghan Arbogast


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