Ultramarathon Daily News, Valentine’s Day Edition

Happy Valentine’s Day: Running can help cure a broken heart.

Great question: Should you exercise if your muscles are sore? I’ve always been a proponent of “sore runs” that teach the body and mind what it’s like to run on sore legs so I’m ready for it in the late stages of a race.

Cold out? Watch this: Frozen Bros, volume 1.

Mario brings up some excellent point about Lord Coe’s relationship with NIKE and IAAF.

I’m hoping you caught the latest URP episode with Scotty Sandow.  We’ll be following along on his journey to Rio Del Lago on podcasts and posts for the site.  First one is up this week!

Perfect! Valentine’s Day cards just for runners.

Germans love rules, don’t they? The latest target: Swimming pools and “dangerous waves” created by those crazy freestylers.

Awesome: Guy hikes from Canada to Mexico and films one second each day. Some of those look so familiar!

Are you racing/running clean? How do you know you’re not unintentionally consuming banned substances?

Sarah just got back from a trip on the other side of the country and offers these tips for running (and eating and sleeping) in NYC.

Friends in town for the past few days and URP got put aside. Sorry for the absence.  And for those who’ve emailed/messaged about the Oroville Dam, no, it’s not near us. It’s 90 minutes north of Sacramento.

“She resuscitated me and I toddled off to hospital.”

–Kiwi’s race report from Tarawera.

You’ve read Ras Vaughn’s blog postings on these pages before and heard him mentioned in Gavin Woody’s recent podcast.  Up next is a reality show where 10 survivalists are paired with 10 outdoor rookies in the forest.  Here’s the info.

You ran a 50k this weekend? These folks are well into 6 day and 1000k mile races in Greece.

Greeeaaat: Americans are asked what they’d rather do than run a marathon. Watch C-SPAN? Give up sex? Hang with the inlaws?

Brett’s muddy report from Sean O’Brien.  And here’s Bob Shebests’s report from his second attempt for a Golden Ticket.

Here are some daily routines from top performers.  Prioritize, disconnect, rest all seem to be common activities.

Knee update: I walked all over San Francisco Saturday (Chinese New Year was awesome!), the through the Redwoods yesterday in the snow.  Yeah, not what the doc wanted, but with friends in town from Ohio, I didn’t have much choice.  Seeing PT for first time today to check how I’m doing.

Are XC skiers the fittest of all athletes?

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