Ultramarathon Daily News, Wed, Apr 1

Should gear be required in ultramarathons? I think I make my opinion pretty clear. Your thoughts?

Here’s an interview with a guy who finished the world’s toughest race (according to yesterday’s list.)

This story will remind you not to take running (or great friends) for granted.  Kicking a few bucks his way to help a fellow runner.

Report from the winner of Umstead 100. Great read. Full interview coming soon.

A total unknown and untrained laborer in India runs a 10k time trial for a job and throws down a 33. Undiscovered talent.

At last! Somewhere I can win some Strava segments!

Ah, dangit, he had me going for awhile.

What’s Anton been up to in the past few weeks? I particularly like his recollection from the 21st.

Gotta cut the news short…we’re recording 7 (seven!) interviews today. Stay tuned.

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