Ultramarathon Daily News | Wed, Apr 11

Every ultramarathon runner knows this: PB&J is the best adventure food on the planet.

Great writeup on Coree Woltering as he builds up to Western States. He talks racial/ethnic issues, training, and more.  Great guy…and the best dressed runner out there. (Here’s our interview with him.)

Check out Sarah (Bradham’s) review of the Ultimate Direction Race Vesta 4.0. Lots to like with a few quibbles about functionality.

Another example of when the headline and the story aren’t exactly congruent.  

David Roche looks at barefoot running. My current 50M PR is in a pair of Vibrams from 2008, but oh, did I pay the price with achilles problems for years after that trend.

When Ryan Sandes was on his recent Himalayan adventure, what was his wife Vanessa doing?

Inov8’s expose on Morgan Elliot and his big plans for this year. Here’s our interview with Morgan from last year.

rabbit apparel is looking like they may want to bring back the “team scoring” discussion at Lake Sonoma.

Take a few minutes and watch this great video about the Puzey brothers. Keen listeners will recognize the accompanying music.

I ran over the Continental Divide while on a high school XC team trip, and I’d love to run it again. Maybe this is the right opportunity.

Releasing a new episode today and interviewing Coconino Cowboy Jared Hazen this morning. Stay tuned.

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