Ultramarathon Daily News, Wed, Apr 15

Here’s a great trail film about four non-elite runners from NC training for Cruel Jewel 100M. How do they train for vert when they lack mountains? How’d they get into this? Looks like it’s the first part of a series. Anxious to see more.

It’s guys like The Nooch who make most of our schedules seem light. And he’s performing better than us. There’s something in that Marin County water, isn’t there?

A whole story about frozen poop on Mt Everest.

Hey Justin, is there a way to update this story to reflect Sonoma’s results?

Nineteen year old Ashley Erba, right, after her third place finish at Lake Sonoma, speaking with winner Stephanie Howe.


In only her third ultramarathon, she breaks one of Ann Trason’s records. Wow!

Want to see what Barkley is like from a crew perspective? Neat video!

Some great notes from Joe Uhan on what went right and what went wrong (with some humor thrown in) at Sonoma.

I answer a whole bunch of questions here.

Did ya see our review of the Suunto Ambit3 Run HRM? Julia’s an experienced runner and previously ran with the Ambit2. Read her thoughts here.

Twenty nine breweries you must visit before you die. Bah, another list I don’t like.

Interesting analysis of who registers first (men or women) for road races. I’d love to see Mark give us some data for the ultramarathon set.

If Dakota’s legs ever fall off, he’ll always have his writing career to fall back on. Great stuff once again about…I’m not exactly sure how to summarize it.

What’s Matt Flaherty been up to since he’s been injured?

Good stuff: Meb’s advice on longevity in the sport.

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