Ultramarathon Daily News, Wed April 20

Ultramarathon Daily News

Probably a good day to revisit the Avery Collins interview and Scott Dunlap’s post about cannabis and ultramarathons.

So cool: Soon we’ll be able to have a Google street view of the entire Western States course.  Well done, ATRA.  Now put on a jacket and crank up the heater for a real life canyon experience.

What does depression feel like? Here’s a good article right in the middle of Depression Awareness Week. Tonight I’ll be interviewing Nikki Kimball along with psychiatrist and ultrarunner Dr John Onate about mental health issues and how they relate to endurance sports. I’m woefully ignorant on the subject, but intrigued by all the overlap. Stay tuned.

If running ultramarathon is 75% mental, then you need to read this.  Save it, then read it again.  All I’d add is what Gary Robbins said in this interview, and I’m paraphrasing “Get the negative stuff out of your head and stay 100% positive the entire time.”

Site news: WordPress (the frame to this site) changed things up and I have to go thru an extra step to have news links open in a new tab.  If I miss some, my apologies. Trying to find a workaround. Anyone?

The need for speed in big mountain races. And how to get there.

This 17 year old just finished his first hundred. Seems mature and legit.

David Roche: Use hill strides to stronger and faster. How many people do them?

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Gizmo geeks, this looks awesome.  A Shuffle-sized, bluetooth enabled sweat proof Spotify player that doesn’t require a smartphone.  I’m throwing money at my monitor right now.

Awesome: Boston champ (holy cow what a final 4 miles!) Atsede Baysa gives trophy to first woman to run The marathon, Bobbi Gibbs.

And for track equivalent of Baysa’s finish:  “From the depths of hell!!!”  Great finish at an Irish track meet. Check it out.

Funny: What people ask google about running.  I’d love to see a similar list for ultramarathon and trail runs.

Jeremy writes about the Chucknoma, the Chukanut/Sonoma double and how an injury recovery panned out.

Yitka was at Ultra Fiord (she actually won the dang thing!) and here’s her write up from Trail Runner Mag.

I saw this shoe at Fleet Feet last week and it looks like my type of build.  Anyone tried it for 50k or 50 mile distance?

Ten weeks to Western, and Wyatt is getting focused.  How’s your training?

New podcast coming out today: Sarah and I chat with Dominic Grossman about over training syndrome.


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