Ultramarathon Daily News, Wed, Apr 22

Probably my new favorite ultramarathon race format: BINGO! How’d it go for this fella?

Sometimes you read the header to a story and instantly know you’re not going to like it. This was one of those times.

“…Because despite a veneer of scientific rhetoric, food fads are ultimately about devotion to dogma; religion, not science…”

Holy cow! This guy ran his first marathon in April of last year. Since then, he’s run a world record 370 more.

Senor Roes discusses bridging the gap between runners and non-runners.  And he’ll be at Mt Marathon this July (though just watching.)   My prediction is that 2016 sees an impressive list of elite runners up there tacking that mountain.

Distance running: Where anyone has a chance at winning, or at least leading the same race.

Inspired by VolState, this relay across Missouri (map is confusing!) sounds like fun.  And if you’re looking for a throwback interview about VolState, check this one out for sure. One of our favorites.

Ian’s looking at breaking the CR and 16 hours at Leadville this year. I wouldn’t bet against him.

What does the puzzling rise of nearsightedness have to do with the outdoors?  Kids are spending too much time in front of screen. Get them outside!

Anyone want to guess Boston’s completion rate? Don’t peek.

Heather bought a URP sticker and wound up with a sweet Run Hard Drink Beer shirt as well.

Great essay about this sport of ours and the effort we pour into it.

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