Ultramarathon Daily News, Wed, Apr 26

Is this you? Ultrarunners and alcohol habits. Chase and I sound very similar in this regard, except I “go Mormon” every few months and abstain from alcohol and caffeine all together.

Latest episode of Mountain Outhouse is out: Jenn Shelton, Sage, Timothy Olson, and more!

It sounds like the names have been chosen, but they’re just waiting to announce the winners of the UD/Gu/LaSportiva FKT Grant Program. Ironic that a contest for Fastest Known Times is late?

Candice Burt: How to mitigate fear in the wilderness. Good stuff, and great advice. Read it, then go outside and do something awesome.

Speaking of fear, remember the trail running woman mauled during a race in NM last year? She’s back to running.

Industry folks: Tired of OR? Check out this new take on an experiential trade show.  I’ll be there in September….you?

More industry news: An analysis of how run specialty retailers are struggling with the digital era.  New brands aren’t getting shelf space and the consumer experience isn’t being attempted for an online platform.  Questions:

  • Where do you buy your gear/shoes? Why?
  • If online, is it from a retailer’s e-business or is it from Amazon/Zappos/RunnersWarehouse?
  • Do you feel a connection to your local independent running store via its website?

IRF: Womens pay vs mens pay in trail and ultramarathon events.

Whoa! Michele Yates is back!  She does well in a MTB race, then wins a 40 mile trail run.

Got slippage? How to tie your trail shoes.

Short news day today. Prepping for two new interviews: Blake Wood and Jess Mullen.


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