Ultramarathon Daily News | Wed, Apr 28

Treeline Journal: In-depth preview and full details of next week’s Cocodona 250.
Have we yet decided on what to call these? Seems silly to use the same “ultramarathon” term for a 50k and a 400k, doesn’t it?

TrailSisters: Carly Stinson writes some lovely words about the “in between trails”…those are the trails that maybe aren’t deep in the wilderness but have a more urban, lived-in feel that we run every day.

Twelve year old Irish girl runs a world AG record 16:40 5k. Dang that’s fast!

When protest is prohibited, it stands out. It resonates. It captures and demands our attention, our curiosity, and makes us investigate. When Ethiopian marathoner Feyisa Lilesa crossed the finish line at the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Games while crossing his arms, many of us wondered why. We learned it was the gesture made by people from Oromia, the region home to Lilesa and Ethiopia’s largest ethnic group, to protest a brutal government crackdown.

WaPo OpEd: The ban on Olympic protests only empower the protesters.

Common sense from an HK based epidemiologist: Low-risk trail races should be encouraged.

David Laney’s race report from Canyons. Funny comparisons to Kramer from Seinfeld.

Top 5 men scoring at Canyons 100k: SLC v Southern Oregon v Northern California.

1 Costales
3 Brautigam
7 Kerl
17 Smith
21 White
TOTAL: 49 points

Southern Oregon
2 King
4 Laney
10 Macomber
11 Saulnier
23 Hornig
TOTAL: 50 points

Northern California
5 Watson
8 O’Leary
14 Huston
15 Ressl-Meyer
17 Forman

What happened to Boulder? (Abby Hall for the ladies!) And Flagstaff?

Forbes: Is cannabis beer the next big thing in the US?

Tayte Pollman ran the Manitou Incline in a dinosaur costume.

Rule #1 is always don’t be a d*ck. This Kenyan guy failed that miserably.

iRunFar: Interview with the new 100 mile WR holder Aleksandr Sorkin.

Short news day today. What did I miss?

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