Ultramarathon Daily News, Wed, Apr 29

Jeff Browning’s awesome report and pics from Ultra Fiord in Chile.

Dad takes kids out of school for a few days to travel to Boston for marathon and vacation. School freaks out. Dad tells school to STFU.

UK trail runners getting caught up in animal snares.

Science: Compression socks in marathons don’t do squat.

Cool opportunity: Logo Design Contest. We are launching a logo design contest for the U.S. Spartathlon Team. Dates: April 25th, 2015 – May 25th, 2015. Please submit your logo design at [email protected] If you are a graphic designer, or you know someone interested to design the U.S. Spartathlon Team logo please submit your designs before May 25th, 2015. The winner will be selected through a vote on the U.S. Spartathlon Team facebook page between May 26th and May 31st, with the results announced on June 1st. The winner’s design logo will receive a tax deductible receipt for the value of the work and the name of the individual/business will be posted in our promotional materials. As required by the ISA (International Spartathlon Association) rules, no corporate logos can be part of the final product displayed on the race shirts. No offensive designs will be considered; the U.S. Spartathlon Team will only place in the contest serious designs, keeping in line with the spirit/tradition of the race and we reserve the right to reject any submissions deemed irrelevant.

Interesting WSJ article on transferring race entries.  According to the author and sources, more than 10% (more like 30?%) offer transfers, so why has the MUT world been so slow to change?

Here’s Andy’s (DNF) race recap video from Zumbro 100 in Minnesota. I’m pretty sure I can name all of those movies.

Emily is an ultramarathon-running MMA fighter. Awesome!

Six things you didn’t know about tapirs. Number six, whoa there! h/t Sam Robson.

Skyrunning or UTWT, who really cares? The post is Aussie/NZ centered, but I have a feeling we’ve got the same sentiments stateside.

Know your ticks. Personal note: My younger brother was bit by a tick about ten years ago, developed Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever and it damn near killed him.  For whatever reason, ticks love my legs and I get a few bites each year. You?

Data: Performance and age of the fastest female and male 100k ultramarathon runners from the last 50+ years. Interesting how the men’s avg age has increased dramatically while the women’s has stayed constant.

….and more on the gender side of things here.  What do you think about Gina’s post?

And finally, here are seven things only male runners deal with.

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